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General Test Taking Tips

The PELLET B is multiple choice. So it’s very important to have a strategy when you’re answering multiple choice questions. These are some simple, yet very effective strategies. It’s vital to have the self-discipline to file them when you’re taking the PELLET B exam.

writingMarkup the Question Booklet

Go through each question in order. Circle answers you think are right and cross out answers you think are wrong. Make sure you read every answer. If you skip a question or feel unsure of your answer circle the question number in the question packet. Don’t circle the question number on the answer sheet, just leave the row blank.



standardized testMake sure you are filling in the answers in the correct space

It is a much too common mistake that when someone is filling out a bubble-style answer sheet, they accidentally skip a row, or skip a question without skipping a row. This could cause all of the answers after that mistake to be incorrect. So make sure the question’s number matches up with the proper row.



typewriter saying truthSome questions are more correct than others

There may be multiple answers that appear to be right. This is why you should read every answer. One of the explanations is that one of the answers is more right than the others.




woman with book

Read carefully

Another explanation for having multiple correct answers is that you misread the question. Maybe there’s a sneaky “NOT” in the question which can flip your “Correct” answers into “Incorrect” answers.




linear abstract paternSkipping Questions

It is okay to skip questions and return to them later. Just make sure you also skip the line on the answer sheet as well. You are graded by number of correct answers not the number of incorrect answers, so it okay to guess when you return to the questions.






scrabble tiles spelling speak truthOpinions vs. Fact

Remember to answer questions without using your personal opinions. The reading portion’s facts are all in the passages. The writing portion’s facts are grammatical. The reasoning portion’s facts are logical. The only portion with any room for interpretation is the CLOZE section. Sometimes there may be multiple words with the proper amount of letters, proper meaning, and the proper grammar in the context of the passage.




tiny clockLast few minutes

When the test proctor announces there are only a few minutes left, return to questions you have circled and make sure every question is answered and then double check any questions you felt unsure about




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