PELLET B Test Dates?

PELLET B Test Locations?

Does the agency I’m applying for use the PELLET B?

The answers to all of these questions are usually available on the website of the agency you’re applying for

clockCan I retake the PELLET B?

You can retake the PELLET B however, you must wait a minimum of one month or 30 calendar days before taking the exam again. And this applies, even if you’re taking the exam with a different agency from when you previously took the exam.




paper stackIs the PELLET B available online?

The test is only given in paper and pencil format at the moment.




dollar billsDoes it cost anything to take the PELLET B?

Most of the time it doesn’t cost anything. However, there are some agencies that do charge a fee and usually it is a small fee.




clockHow long is my PELLET B score valid?

This is up to the discretion of the particular agency you’re applying for. If you are preparing to change agencies you may want to start preparing to retake the PELLET B for that agency.




Does my PELLET B score carry over to other agencies?

It is up to the agency that you are applying with whether or not they will accept your PELLET B score taken somewhere else.



Dartboard How many questions can you miss on the PELLET B?

None, it is in your best interest to guess on questions you cannot decide the answer to. You aren’t penalized for incorrect answers, you are graded on the number of correct answers. There’s a 25% chance that a guess is correct, and you can increase your odds by eliminating obviously-wrong answer-choices.