What is the PELLET B Test

The PELLET B is a multiple choice, fill in the blank written exam, designed to measure your writing ability, reading ability and reasoning skills. Applicants have two-and-a-half hours to complete the PELLET B.

What is on the PELLET B Test?

PELLET B Writing Ability Section

The first test is the writing ability test. This section has three sub-tests, a clarity, a spelling, and a vocabulary subtest. All three subtests have 18 questions.


• 15 Questions
• Choose the most clear sentence
• Two sentences given per question

The clarity sub-test uses a two-option format. Two sentences are given, and the test taker must decide which sentence is the clearest. The errors included in the exam are common ones such as run-on sentences, sentence fragments, unclear references, and misplaced modifiers.

Magnifying glassSpelling

• 15 Questions
• Choose the correctly spelled word for the context
• 4 words given per question

The spelling sub-test uses a standard four-option format. A sentence has given, and one word is omitted. A blank indicates the location of the admitted word for alternative spellings of the same word or given test-takers asked to identify the word that is correctly spelled for the given context.

Scrabble tiles spelling: choose your wordsVocabulary

• 15 questions
• Choose the best synonym for the underlined word
• 4 words given per question

The vocabulary subtest uses a standard four-option format. Also one word in a sentence is underlined and the test takers instructed to select the alternative. That is the most accurate synonym or definition. The words included in the spelling and vocabulary tests are common words that are encountered in law enforcement.

PELLET B Reading Ability Section

The next test is the writing test. This test includes two sub-tests: a reading comprehension sub-test and a CLOZE sub-test. The reading comprehension sub-test contains 28 questions. The CLOZE sub-test contains 40 questions.

LightbulbContent Comprehension

• 28 Questions
• Passage could be a paragraph or as long as a page
• Select the best answer to the questions from four options.

The reading comprehension sub-test presents passages, which vary in length from a single paragraph to one page. After reading the passage, test takers, answer four-option questions about the information contained in the passage. All passages, cover common concepts and contain the information necessary to answer the questions.

missing puzzle pieceCLOZE

• 40 Questions
• Every seventh word of a passage is blank
• Write the best word for the context

The second measure of reading ability is called the CLOZE sub-test, test takers are presented with a passage of text. In each passage, The first and last sentences of the passage are complete. Between the first and the last sentence every seventh word is systematically deleted from the text. The test taker must use contextual clues to determine what words would logically complete the passage. Each letter in the deleted words are changed into dashes, so the number of dashes indicate the number of letters. The answers are written, not multiple choice, so this test also measures the test taker’s vocabulary.

PELLET B Reasoning Ability Section


typewriter saying investigation

• 16 multiple-choice questions
• Select the best answer based on facts provided in the text

There is a reasoning ability section. This consists of four-option questions, and you need to select the best answer based on the facts provided in the text as a test taker, you need to identify patterns, relationships via an ordered series of facts. Asa note, always answer the questions based only on the information given, do not answer based on general knowledge or your personal opinion.

PELLET B Test Score

officer giving ticket

The PELLET B is electronically scored in the score that you receive is called a T score. The average T score is 50. Any score below 40 is considered below average while any score above 50 is considered to be an above average T score.

Each agency using the PELLET B can set their own standard is to what they consider to be a passing score. As an example, the California highway patrol has a passing T score of 48. The San Diego county Sheriff’s department has a passing Q score of 42. And the city of Costa Mesa has a passing T score of 45.

So you can see that what is considered passing will vary by agency. Even though they’re all giving the same exam. How do you get your test results? Each agency or academy that gives a PELLET B will provide applicants with their T score breakdown. That includes the individual applicants, reading, writing, and reasoning, and their overall T score.



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